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All the Latest Welding News for Metro-Detroit and the United States

Learn about all of the latest welding news in Detroit, Michigan, by subscribing to the AWS Detroit Section online bulletin. Ask us about our great bulletin advertising opportunities.

Online Bulletin

Welcome the year with our online bulletin! It has all of the latest welding news and events. Please register to sign up and receive the online bulletin via email with the link below.

Bulletin Submission and Publishing Schedule

Please note the dates for bulletin submissions. Late submissions will not be included in the current bulletin, so please submit on time! To submit pictures, articles, or information to the bulletin editor, please contact Forrest Lissner by email at Please submit all pictures and images in a high-quality format. Enjoy your summer. See you next fall.

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October 2020 Bulletin

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Associate your brand with the most trusted welding society, through one of the most active sections, the "Detroit Section" of the American Welding Society. Don't miss the opportunity to digitally market your message and information to our bulletin's 1000+ members and businesses. Receive qualified leads that have been exposed to your sponsor message.
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Welding Merit Badge

Welding News

The bulletin is full of all the latest welding news. We have published stories about how the Boy Scouts of America™ introduced their first-ever welding merit badge and much more.

Bulletin Contacts

Our staff ensures the bulletin is a quality publication. If you would like more information about the bulletin, please contact any of the following people:

• Forrest Lissner, Bulletin Editor,
• Brian Peterson

• Cody Nichols