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Teaching the Next Generation Of Welders

The AWS Detroit Section is dedicated to support welding programs to young people in the Detroit, Michigan, area. Learn more about our vocational school involvement with the Golightly Career and Technical Center.

VoTech Project at Golightly Career and Technical Center

We have been involved with Golightly Career and Technical Center, at 900 Dickerson Avenue in Detroit, for three years, setting up and maintaining the very first student chapter located within the actual city limits. The chapter has helped many young people find their way into a career in the welding field, and we are very proud of this historic achievement. We will continue to work on prepping the students for the Skills USA competition and the AWS High School Welding Competition.

Golightly Project History

Along with the instructor, Juan Whiting, we have headed the Weld Advisory Committee at Golightly for the past three years. This has been a great opportunity to work with the students and support their welding program. We have assisted them in extending their education and finding AWS scholarships, and we have attended career nights and parent's nights to talk about the many great opportunities in the welding industry.

Golightly Instructor Position

Mr. Whiting has done an outstanding job at Golightly, building one of the best programs in the Metro-Detroit area. However, Mr. Whiting plans on retiring after this school year, and Golightly is in need of a new instructor in order to keep the program going. If you are interested in the instructor position, please contact one of the following people at Golightly:

• Juan Whiting - Welding Instructor • Paul McGee - Principal • Mrs. Jenkins - Vice Principal • Mrs. Kiers - Placement

AWS Contact for Instructor Position

You can also contact Jeffry Hill or Tom Sparschu at AWS Detroit Section about the instructor position. We will be happy to help set up an interview. This has been a very rewarding venture for us, and we hope to keep it going. Requirements for the instructor position include:

• Ability To Work With Young Adults
• At Least Five Years Welding Experience
• Associate's Degree
• Willing To Work Toward Bachelor's
• Must Achieve Teaching Certification
• Obtain Temporary Teaching Certification

Colleges, Universities specializing in Weld Technologies

Ferris State University
• Michigan Technical University
• Mott Community College
Henry Ford Community College
Macomb County Community College
St. Clair County Community College
Wayne County Community College

Washtenaw Community College
Schoolcraft College
Baker College of Flint
Lambton College
North Central Michigan College
St.Clair College

Monroe County Community College
Ohio State University
Gogebic Community College
Lansing Community College
Oakland Community College
University of Windsor