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Educating Tomorrow's Welders

Earn a Scholarship To Train At a Vocational School

Students throughout Clinton Township, Michigan, and surrounding areas consult with the American Welding Society - Detroit Section for educational direction. From vocational schools to universities, our members have assisted numerous students and provided them the chance to build and hone their trade skills.

Education Opportunities

It has been our mission at American Welding Society - Detroit Section to help enhance the learning experience for our future welders. We do this by providing access to technical meetings, the proper material, gas, and welding consumables and going to schools, talking with students, and sharing the vast experience that we have here in the Detroit section.

Worker with Protective Mask Welding Metal

Golightly Vocational School

American Welding Society - Detroit Section has been involved with Golightly Career and Technical Center in Detroit for more than three years. We headed the Weld Advisory Committee along with instructor Juan Whiting. We created and maintain the very first American Welding Society - Detroit Section student chapter dedicated to helping students find their way to a career in the welding industry. Through this chapter, we have:

  • Extended Students' Education and Access To Welding Information
  • Awarded American Welding Society Scholarships
  • Attended Career and Parent Night To Inform Parents About Welding Opportunities
  • Prepped Students To Compete On a High Level In Skills USA
  • Prepped Students To Compete At the American Welding Society High School Welding Competition

Scholarship Winners

American Welding Society - Detroit Section is very proud to award $43,000 to help students and promote tomorrow's welding industry. This scholarship is awarded to those attending universities, community colleges, and trade schools. We received 36 applications from three universities and seven local, community colleges during the 2015 to 2016 school year. 80% of the students who applied were awarded the scholarship.